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Increase your intuitive abilities and experience a shift in your consciousness

A transformational journey through your chakras over 8 Soulsessions + 1 bonus transformation session

For 18 weeks, we will take a journey through our chakras and train your intuitive abilities . The result of these 9 Soulsessions is a shift in your entire consciousness: it not only brings your chakras into balance, but also increases your frequency which in turn strengthens your intuitive abilities.

You gain insight into yourself and your true potential on a deeper level because you learn to listen to the voice of your soul. You activate your connection to the energy from the earth and the universe which expands your consciousness and will ground the light of your soul in your body.

What does this Soulsession Expedition look like?

  • 8 live Soulsessions (via Zoom) where we take a journey through the chakras. These sessions will take place on Thursdays from van 11 pm – 1.30 pm Central European Time | 4pm – 6.30 pm Central Time (USA)
  • 8 videos in which I will give information on the energy flow of each of the chakras
  • 1 bonus assignment: transformation of your old ‘programming’ + 1 extra Soulsession in which we will discuss/read the results of your assignment
  • Participation in a private Telegram group to support you in your process

Due to the structure of the sessions and the personal growth that the participants will go through, this expedition cannot be followed in single Soulsessions. In addition, there is a maximum of 8 participants in order to give adequate attention and support during this journey.