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Different: the real story of generation Zenz, the 5- to 25 year olds of today

Children up to about six years have the talent to fully do who they are. They completely live in the now. They are connected to their pure essence and the magical world around them. As you grow up you learn to adapt yourself more and more to the expectations of others or 'the norm' at school, on the street or in (social) media. You lose your self piece by piece.

Something is going on with today's children and youth. You probably know a child in your environment who is "different" from what has been "normal" until now. With my (Dutch) book I give you a glimpse straight into the heart of Generation Zenz, based on a large-scale survey of more than four thousand 5 to 25 year olds. And maybe through my book you will not only get to know this special genearation better, but also yourself... want to know more about my book?

"For anyone who is involved with or interested in young people, for anyone who is interested in the world of today and tomorrow, this book is more than worth reading."

Helmar Niemeijer
Review: Managementbook

"I am touched by this profound and powerful plea to look past the expectations, labels, norms and masks so we can once again see and embrace the uniqueness of our children and youth. It provides me as a teacher and parent a complete and clear understanding of today's generation, parenting...and ultimately myself."

Karin van de Vegte
Elementary school teacher, ECHA giftedness specialist

"An absolute must read if you are involved with children and young people, both in your work and private life! The book shows you how to look at them differently and guides you in how to support them in becoming, as Angela puts it, "the best version of themselves."

Mary van Hoek-Hendriks
Lecturer Food Innovation HAS University of Applied Sciences

"Weghorst describes in an accurate, detailed way the results of her profound research..." "She does this in a way that touches you. It's not a dry, scholarly book, but a book that is alive."

Willem van Hartskamp
Review: BoekenBloggenderwijs

ANDERS - Het échte verhaal van Generatie Zenz, de 5- tot 25-jarigen van nu (Kopie)