Energy reading
remote viewing

A good conversation with your Self, with Angela as your interpreter

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” – Tesla

During this conversation with your (higher) self, you gain insight into yourself at a deeper level and the main themes that are at play in your personal and professional life at this stage of life. Depending on your questions, you can also gain insight into e.g. your potential, life mission and the extent to which you ‘walk on your path’ and support or sabotage yourself in doing so.
Everything is made up of energy; so is your body, thoughts, memories, emotions etc. We therefore have an enormous database of information stored in our energy system (aura layers and chakras). And energy can be perceived as vibration in the form of light, sound, a feeling or an inspiring idea. This makes it possible to perceive information from the energy system of others. In fact, we all do this. For example, when we flawlessly sense whether someone can be trusted and/or is comfortable in his skin or not.
Through a reading you get access to the information that is stored in your energy system. Depending on your issue you can gain insight into your current life phase, recurring themes in your life, your life mission, qualities, core and strength. Or your relationships, health, work, partnerships, etc. You determine which insights are relevant to you on both a conscious and unconscious level. Because not only the questions but also the answers come from you, you can see a reading as a deep conversation with yourself (with me as your interpreter).


Do you want a deeper understanding of yourself, your life mission and/or clear answers to your (life) questions?

Do you want to know more about the main themes that play a role in this phase of your life on a personal and/or professional level? Are you curious about your qualities, possibilities, desires and your (unconscious) blockages, pitfalls and patterns? Do you have questions about your health, work, relationship, family, or about achieving what you really desire?

Then this energy reading is for you.
The reading provides insight, overview, clarity, and inspiration regarding your issues and relevant themes in your life. You will also find that a reading has a healing effect on your daily life. A reading not only appeals to your conscious thinking and understanding, but also stimulates your self-healing capacity.

Reading based on a question/theme

  • This reading is focused on a specific theme or subject that you would like to gain insight into.
  • Duration of this reading: approximately 1,5-2 hours.
  • Investment: your investment in this reading is €155 (excl. 21% VAT for Dutch business customers).

Full energy-/ aura reading

  • During this reading I describe the energy/information in your entire energy system. I will also go into specific themes that you would like to gain insight into.
  • Duration of this reading: approximately 2,5-3 hours.
  • Investment: your investment in this reading is €222 (excl. 21% VAT for Dutch business customers).


What is the impact of the reading?

You have gained insight at a deeper level into yourself and into the themes that play a role in your personal and professional life at this stage. And you have received answers to (life) questions that occupy you with regard to your life/soul mission, relationships, seen, work and/or health.
In addition, you have gained insight into your qualities and obstacles and you are inspired to bring out the best in yourself.
You can place events in your daily life in a broader perspective which provides additional peace, strength and encouragement when you are in the process of transformation.

Through this reading you get access to the enormous database of information that is stored in your energy system

Digital recording:I record the session. Afterwards, I’ll send you the audio file so you can listen it back. After all, during the reading, a great deal of information comes up, which it is impossible for you to fully absorb into your consciousness. By listening to the reading on a regular basis you stimulate (un)consciously that both the information and the healing energy can work through in your daily life.
Location: depending on your preference, the reading can take place face to face (in Utrecht, the Netherlands) or via Zoom
How does a reading work?
During the reading I ‘read’ the information stored in your energy system. Energy is perceptible through vibrations which I can translate into understandable language, words, feelings, symbols, metaphors and images for you.. Prior to (and during) the reading you can ask questions about one or more subjects on which you would like to gain insight.
In the full energy/aura reading I start by describing the energy field around you, your aura. In this the main themes are identified that are relevant for you in this phase of your life. Then I ‘read’ the information that is stored in the main energy centers/chakra’s in your body. Your feet, pelvis (root chakra), navel (sacral chakra), stomach (solar plexus), heart, throat, forehead (third eye) and crown. In each chakra I describe the flowing and less flowing areas. I address the qualities and talents you have brought into this life. And I describe how you use them in this particular phase of life. In the less flowing areas information can come up about why certain talents have not yet fully blossomed. Or where you are in the middle of a transformation.
The information that surfaces will offer a deeper understanding yourself. The reading not only appeals to your conscious thinking and understanding. But it also stimulates your self-healing capacity, through which healing takes place simultaneously.



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