Soul Purpose Program©

Find the key to yourself with the Personal Brandkey

“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be” – Danielle LaPorte.

The Soul Purpose program gives you deep insight into yourself, into what makes you unique. You get answers to questions like: who am I, what do I stand for, what do I really want and what do I have to offer? You (re)discover your core and strength and learn how to make optimal use of your talents, experiences and personality. Because you work with yourself on a deeper level, you ultimately dare to (be (the best version of) yourself and to show this to the world.

Perhaps you recognize the feeling that it is time to (re) discover your core and strength. To stand for yourself and to follow your own path. Maybe you are
on the eve of your career. Or you have been working for years and
you doubt whether you are (still) on the right track.

Then questions arise such as: who am I and what do I really want? What makes me special and unique? Probably you have thought about this before but it still seems difficult to get a clear answer.


Curious about your unique essence and strength? Do you want profound insight into questions like: who am I and what do I really want?

Do you want to make the most of your talents, experiences and personality?
Are you considering taking part in a program to discover the next steps in your career?
Do you think it’s time to bring out the best in yourself and to radiate this in an authentic way on both personal and professional level?
Then this Soul Purpose Program is for you.
You will get a deep insight into yourself, into what makes you unique. In addition, the Soul Purpose Program offers clear direction for finding and following your own path. You will eventually find that you radiate more power and the impact on others is increased so no one can ignore you anymore (including yourself).

For whom, where and when?

  • This Soul Purpose Program is suitable for anyone who wants to get to know themselves better, is interested in personal development, wants to learn to profile themselves better and/or is looking for their next career step.
  • The program consists of 6 sessions of approximately 3 hours each over a period of 3-6 months
  • You will also receive intensive online guidance in writing your Personal BrandKey (including your life story). This ultimately provides a clear overview of the puzzle pieces in your life, allowing “everything to fall into place.
  • The sessions preferably take place in a physical presence of each other, but if this is not possible then it is always an option to do the sessions via Zoom.

Soul Purpose group program

  • You will learn in this group program not only from yourself, but also from others.
  • Investment: €555 excluding an optional 1:1 VIP session of €155 (excluding 21% VAT for corporate participants).
  • Group size: minimum 4 and maximum 10 participants.

    Soul Purpose VIP program

    • Since this is an individual course, the program will be completely tailored to you.
    • Investment: €1555 (excl. 21% VAT for Dutch business participants and excl. additional location costs if the

      What is the result of this Soul Purpose program?

      You have a deep understanding of who you are, what makes you unique and why.
      You dare to be (the best version of) yourself and to show this to the world.
      You know where your strengths lie and how to use them optimally.
      You are aware of your masks and pitfalls and have learned how to support yourself.
      You have learned to listen (better) to your intuition so you can trust your own wisdom more and more.
      You notice that you radiate more self-confidence and strength and that your impact on others has increased.

      The Soul Purpose program, based on the Personal BrandKey©, enables you to discover in 3-6 months what makes you unique on both a personal and professional level

      Through the Soul Purpose program, I help you gain deep insight into yourself in 3 to 6 months. During this program I use the Personal BrandKey©, which is based on the BrandKey, a model that is regularly used for the positioning of brands or products. The starting point is a brand or product that still needs to be developed and needs to connect seamlessly with its target group. So, as it were, you go looking fora unique place for a new brand or product to be developed.

      The difference with the Personal BrandKey is that it is based on who you already are by nature. Everyone is different, different from everyone else and therefore very special. There is no one exactly like you. You just forgot what makes you so special and unique. Because everything you are and want to be, is already in you. Therefore, you only need to see it and embrace it to be able to take your unique place. Because you work with yourself on a deeper level, you ultimately dare to be yourself and to show this to the outside world. That’s why the program ends with an elevator pitch in which you stand for who you are full of self-confidence and in a powerful way.

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      Personal BrandKey© for the fourth year students of the HAS University of Applied Sciences

      In 2015, HAS University of Applied Sciences decided to include the “Personal BrandKey” in the curriculum of the Food Innovation program. Through this, around fiftyforth-yearstudents to confidently enter the job market. And every year, a number of students indicate beforehand that they are somewhat skeptical: they think, for example, that they already know themselves enough, or they are apprehensive about meditating. But afterwards they are all very enthusiastic and impressed that they feel better in their own skin and have discovered their own core and strength. Ready for the future! Are you curious about the results of previous years? Then take a look at this blogpost.

      Personal BrandKey© basis for the MBO elective ‘Personal Profiling’

      I am proud to announce that since 2018 the elective coursePersonal Profiling of Edu’Actief has been launched! This elective course supports students in their personal journey of discovery on their way to the best version of themselves.

      I am very proud that I have been able to participate as a co-author and that the Personal BrandKey and my book ‘Anders’ have been given a prominent place in the course…


      CRKBO registered

      AngelTalks is a brand of TwinQ. And TwinQ is certified in accordance with the quality code for educational institutions for short professional education. Short-term vocational education is understood to mean all training aimed at enabling people to function (better) in a (future) job.

      Due to its registration in the CRKBO register, TwinQ has a VAT exemption for all personal development sessions, workshops and trainings. In addition, most companies have a budget for training and/or personal development. The advantage of this registration is that clients can rest assured that TwinQ meets the quality requirements for short professional education. More information can be found on the website of CRKBO