Increase your frequency and be inspired by the voice of your soul

“Quiet the mind and the souls will speak” – Buddha

With the help of Soulsessions, you will learn to support and guide yourself during this special time of change. The Soulsessions consist of powerful guided meditations where you learn to balance your energy system, among other things, while gaining deep insight into relevant themes in your life.

Everything is made up of energy; so is your body, thoughts, memories, emotions etc. We have a huge database of information stored in our energy system (aura & chakra’s).


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We only forgot to use it (consciously) in our daily lives. From the time we go to school, the emphasis is on the development of rational thinking. and we unlearn the natural ability to listen to our inner wisdom.

In addition, we have forgotten that the world is actually a magical playing field, in which we can create anything we desire with our intention.And that we are able to heal and support ourselves by reminding our energy system of its self-healing ability.


Do you think it’s time for a good conversation with your self and want to increase the frequency of your energy system?

Is it time for a good conversation with your real self, your inner wisdom, the voice of your soul?
Do you want to learn to get out of your head, towards your heart, so that you experience more peace and balance and can automatically find the right insights and inspiration?
Do you want to give your personal development a boost through deep insights about yourself and balancing/increasing the frequency of your energy system?

Then the Soulsessions are really something for you.
Be surprised by the voice of your inner wisdom and the profound effect that Soulsessions will have on your daily life.

Now temporarily free access to all Soulsessions!

At the moment all Soulsessions are temporarily offered for free because I believe it is important that as many people as possible can make use of the energy and insights from these Soulsessions. To access the Zoom sessions/audio recordings, it is still necessary to “purchase” the free product. If you are excited about a Soulsession, and would like to support me, you can do so by making a donation through this donation link


Participation Live Soulsession October 14 (English)

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Acces to previous Soulsessions

Listen now to the meditations/visualizations of previous Soulsessions (in Dutch or English).

1 on 1 Soulsession or share your experiences

Would you like to have a 1 on 1 Soulsession to get insight in a certain theme, clear old pain and/or discuss your experiences with me? Book your private session now.


What is the impact of the Soulsessions?

You have insight into yourself and relevant themes in your life on a deeper level.
You feel more powerful, stable, more grounded and have learned how to protect your own boundaries and energy field from unwanted outside influences. In addition, you learned how to balance your energy field better and increase its fequency.
You experience more peace, balance and self-confidence in both your personal and professional life.
You have learned to go from your head to your heart to find the answers and solutions you need.
You have learned to listen better to the voice of your intuition/your soul, which will make it stronger and more powerful.

Soulsessions: a deep conversation with your self

Through the Soulsessions, you will learn to support and guide yourself during this special time of change. The sessions consist of powerful guided meditations/visualizations and contain the following components:

  • the cleansing and balancing of your own energy system (especially in this period of time of great importance for highly sensitive people who absorb a lot of negative energy and fear from others).
  • in-depth insights into relevant themes that also have a healing effect on your self-healing capacity. Each Soulsession will feature a different theme.

Each Soulsession will feature a different theme. In order to make the best use of the powerful meditations/visualizations, it is important to write down the experiences gained and, where possible, translate them into concrete insights. In this process, it is good to realize that your rational brain can only grasp some of the experiences, but your energy system knows how to integrate them in the right way.

Live participation – access to previous Soulsessions

The live Soulsessions can be followed online (via Zoom) and last approximately 1-2 hours (depending on time required for live sharing). Afterwards you will receive unlimited access to the audio files of this Soulsession.

When participating in a live Soulsession you not only make use of the energy at that moment, but you also have the opportunity to share your experiences (both during the session itself as well as via email afterwards). II will support you where needed to translate your experiences into meaningful insights. I do this by tuning into your energy and ‘read‘ with you.

Is participation in the Live Soulsessions or Live Soulsession Expedition not convenient for that specific moment? Or do you prefer to listen to the guided meditations/visualizations in your own time? No problem, you can always listen to the audio files of previous sessions. Since quite a few (Dutch & Englisch) Soulsessions have already taken place, you can choose from a theme that appeals to you the most at the moment.

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Due to its registration in the CRKBO register, TwinQ has a VAT exemption for all personal development sessions, workshops and trainings. In addition, most companies have a budget for training and/or personal development. The advantage of this registration is that clients can rest assured that TwinQ meets the quality requirements for short professional education. More information can be found on the website of CRKBO