We are being activated

Channeled message from Jenny Cali & Angela | June 6th 2022

There is a lot of incoming energies. Animals and even plants are behaving very bizarre these past few days… like they are desperately wanting to say something. As if they know something is happening. Jenny and I were even a little dazed by it ourselves, and wanted to know what’s going on right now. So we decided to tune in and here are our messages…


Timelines are coming together: past present and future. 
Can see a statue that resembles the Statue of Liberty but the liberty goddess changed into a warrior from the 1776 revolution. Feels like there’s gonna be revolt.

We can also see the ether changing. There are some little glitters and sparks coming in and out… never used to see it that way. This energy is also in our physical body, like its going to be amped up.
Ancient knowledge finally coming to surface …

It feels like our body is inside some kind of vortex not just rotating around us but also inside our cells. While connecting to the vortex, its just feels like being in a void. Then an image of someone standing on a cliff appears. He’s looking upwards to the incoming light. The light of a huge sun flare… The person is getting blinded by the light and falls from the cliff into a dark void. He has nothing to cling on. But he keeps looking at the light… just look at the light, that prevents you from feeling lost. That’s what we might feel right now.

The vortex is very light and makes us feel lightheaded, like our brain not working anymore. We can feel our bodies becoming really heavy. Like we are pulled downwards like a magnet. Weird sensation. Feels really heavy in our chest and at some moments it even makes difficult to breath. More incoming energies make us feel even more dizzy as we are extra pulled downwards to our planet in order to prevent us from vanishing in the universe. Its keeping us to our planet.

These energies are related to the changes of our planet. Can see our planet wobbling just like a balloon getting bigger and adapting its shape… we are vibrating on that same energy. Our planet is actually changing by all the incoming energies. Gaia is growing while the density of all molecules on our planet is getting lower and the frequency is getting higher and higher. Our planet is literally growing since there is more space between all molecules. Earth is a living organism and we are part of it…

We can see a machine kind of weapon thing that looks like the one in CERN. It looks like a cylinder with some kind of cross shape inside with red markings on it. Missiles are being loaded in that machine. Like they are gearing up energy weapons. They are shooting the missiles into space. Can’t see where they are directing them at. Are they trying to bombard the sun?  They are currently blocking a lot of solar data and research and there is a lot more activity around the sun with all kinds of ships… We have the feeling a big battle I going on around there since our sun is a portal.

While following the missile into space we are suddenly in another space. Can see purple, gold, all kinds of colors and energies in space. It feels like another layer, another dimension. We see our planet floating towards a new area in our universe and waves of light being poured all over our planet. They are trying to stop these incoming lights energies with the missiles But their missiles are useless over there. Nothing can stop the incoming waves of light. These waves of light bear all the colors of the rainbow (and beyond the spectrum we are currently able to see or hear). When the waves hit our planet it vibrates though all molecules and cells on the planet. These waves of energy also enter our crown… that’s why we feel the way we do.

Then we can see that these waves of light are piercing through some shield around our planet. This shield was put around our planet to keep u in 3D prison. The shield is getting weaker and weaker due to the incoming energies and the fact that our planet is growing. They try to stop it with their missiles. But it can’t be stopped since our planet is also moving towards another place, dimension in the Universe… Feels like the Lion gate is being opened. The shield kept us in 3D prison for centuries and there is a war over there to protect that shield. But they already know the war is lost and that prison shield is slowly getting removed. We are finally being able to go trough the threshold…

While we are getting liberated from the shield around our planet, our cells have to adapt to these new frequencies and incoming energies. Our DNA and our senses are being upgraded. Our brain is being rewired.

Our abilities are getting stronger and we slowly are able to see more colors, hear more sounds… like our senses, channels are being upgraded in order to receive  more and more frequencies.

Everything might ‘feel’ more intense because we are able to receive more and more, even the subtle signals of animals and plants. We are able to sense more and communicate more and realize that everything is alive and able to finally communicate.

So in short:
We are being activated






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